Тема урока: Describing things

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LESSON: Unit 2 My school: Describing things
CLASS: 1G Numberpresent: Absent:
Learning objectives (s) that this lesson is contributing to 1.S1. make a basic personal statements and simple statements about objects

1.UE. use basic adjectives and colors to say what someone/something is or has

1.L1 recognize short instructions with describing things

Lessonobjectives All learners will be able to: understand new words, pronounce words
Most learners will be able to: answer for the questions each other using the new vocabulary big, smallshort, tall, match pictures with classroom routine words
Some learners will be able to: use basic adjectives and colors, to say the names of objects they have
Languageobjectives Key words and phrases:

It’s big/small/short/long

Previouslearning Classroom objects, colors
Plannedtimings Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities) Resources

10 min

Org. moment

  • Greetings Regrouping

Divide the class into3 groups using pictures of classroom objects. ( books, bags, copybooks)

Introduction of the new theme

T: Dear children! Today we are going to describe things. We will learn texts, song, we will work  in  groups. Before we are going to describe things let’s repeat colors.

  • Revisionofcolors


  • Video “Classroomobjects”

What kind of classroom objects we have listened and seen?

Learners name the objects have seen in the video.

Teacher demonstration

Presentation of a new lexis.

Small Big

Short Tall

 Warm up

Hands up clap clap clap

Hands down shake shake shake

Hands on hips jump jump jump

Hop hop hop stand still

T: Shows pictures of classroom routines and says It is a pen. It is a small pen. It is black. It is a book. It is a big book. It is white.

Whole class

Teacher shows pictures of classroom objects and put questions.

What is it?

What size is it? Is it big? Is it small?

What color is it?




Video “Hello songs”






Color song


Video “Classroom objects”










Warm up












20 min

Group work

·         Big or small?

Teacher asks, children answers


  • Game “Touch”

Teacher say the name objects and pupils must touch them


BIG small


Long short




Classroom objects






5 min

I (f) individual work supports formative assessment

Teacher give tasks for formative assessment


Listen and colour the picture.

1. The bag is blue.

2. The pencil is green

3. Number 5 is red.

4. The ruler is yellow

Describing things


Feedback: Red, yellow  or Green.

Every learner have red and green sticks, they have to put red or green stick on the blackboard.

Green stick – the lesson was interesting and everything was alright.

Yellow stick – the lesson was interesting. But I have questions

Red stick – the lesson was boring.

Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners? Assessment- how are you planning to check learners’ learning? Cross- curricular links Health and safety check

ICT linksvalueslinks

All pupils work with Teacher’s support and try to work on their own more support can be given during elicitation and instruction. In gaming moments, when working in groups, matching pictures, describing things. Working whole class, in groups learners will be become more tolerant to each other and respect each other’s opinions.

Be careful with classroom objects when using them.

Reflection Describing things 

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