Разработка и поурочный план урока на тему: Technological progress. The role of gadgets in our life. Information overload.

Корчагина Екатерина Игоревна


Plan of the lesson

Course 2


Subject: Foreign language

  1. The theme of the lesson: Technological progress. The role of gadgets in our life. Information overload.
  2. Type and kind of the lesson: Combined lesson, practical
  3. The aim of the lesson: Formation and primary consolidation of lexical and grammar knowledge upon the theme
  4. 4. Objectives:

4.1 Educational: to introduce and consolidate vocabulary upon the theme, to provide understanding of the role of gadgets

4.2. Educative: To teach students to listen to each other, to bring up students being active at the lesson within different groups, to develop interest in learning English, to motivate students not to depend on gadgets, to motivate students to spend more time useful

4.3. Developing: to develop students’ speech, listening skills, reading skills, logical thinking, attention, individual and group skills, skills of self-evaluation

  1. Expected results:

5.1. Students should understand: vocabulary upon the theme, its use, speaking phrases, the role of gadgets in our life

5.2. Students should have value orientations: cooperation, awareness, motivation to English and usefulness of pastime without gadgets

5.3.Students should be able: to use knowledge in speech, express their own opinion, analyze, to perceive the speech through the listening, to extract the main idea from reading, to assess themselves independently

  1. Intersubjective relation: phonetics, grammar, practice of speech, methodics

The course of the lesson

Stages of the lesson Timing Teacher’s management activity Students activity at every stage Means of each stage of the lesson
1.     Organizing moment












2.     Checking up the homework








3.     Warm up









4.     Introduction of the theme and aim of the lesson










5.     Preparation to assimilation of new knowledge








6.     Assimilation of new material














7.     Consolidation of the studied material


















8.     Home task









9.     Reflection










10.                       The Sum

 4 min








5 min





5 min





10 min








8 min







10 min





8 min



5 min



6 min





6 min




3 min





5 min





5 min


Hello everybody!

How are you? What plans do you have on your weekends?

Psychological set of students for active cognitive activity with “take a five”

Teacher explains the assessment for the lesson



Teacher checks the home task (to read and tell the main idea of the text “Culture shock”, to do the task True/False)

Ask questions, checks True/False




“Brain Storming” with the phrase “Modern world”







There are pictures on the board, they are closed by the question marks, students should go to the board, take the sheet of paper, answer the question and take away the question mark


After seeing the last picture, they should guess the theme



Now, let’s watch the video “How the Internet has changed our life”

Teacher divides students into 2 groups by cards

Teacher gives new words and explains the task upon the video


Teacher checks the task and discusses the video


Teacher divides students into 3 groups by joining cards

Teacher shows pictures on the board, each group has 5 definitions, they should find right pictures and then students exchange the words


Teacher gives new phrasal verbs with the matching task

Teacher explains the task



Teacher suggests to consolidate new words with cut sentences



Teacher divides students into 4 groups by numbers

Teacher suggests to listen to the audio about mobile phones and do the task

Teacher explains the task




Teacher divides students into pairs

Teacher suggests to work with the text

Explains the task

Teacher ask questions


Teacher suggests to summarize all points and put the mark

Teacher gives h/t (to learn new words, to write the letter to the friend, who lives abroad)



Do you like our lesson?

Was it useful for you?

What new words have you known?

Have our lesson affected your life with gadgets?


Teacher suggests to write down the information in the Ass list

Teacher finishes the lesson with the picture with the statement, teacher suggests to discuss it

Teacher suggests to turn to each other and say smth that they haven’t noticed before in this person


The lesson is over! Thank you! Good-bye!


Students perceive information, answer questions, “take five” to each other and say “Let’s…at this lesson”









Students answer the questions, tell the main idea, read statements upon the text and say True or False






Students activate their thoughts, write down their ideas and associations on the interactive board





Students go to the board, take the sheet of paper, answer the question and take away the question mark, explain what this picture means









Students perceive information, watch the video and do the task, tell their opinion, discuss








Students find  right pictures, exchange the words, do the matching task













Students collect sentences




Students listen to the audio, find odd words and fill in the missing words, answer the questions





Students read the text, make it in the right order, answer the questions




Students put the marks, write down the h/t








Students answer the questions






Students write down the Reflection


Students answer the questions

Discuss the statement

Tell smth to the groupmate


The verbal method, Ass-nt list










Verbal, the text, IP board








Verbal, probl.-searching, active,

IP board





Verbal, active, probl.-search,

Questions, IP board









Verbal, video, the task, IP board









Verbal, sheet of paper, IP board













Verbal, cards, IP board



Audio, verbal, the text, IP board






The text, verbal, probl.-search




Verbal, copybooks, Ass-list







The verbal method





Ass list



Verbal, the picture, IP board






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