The Earth Day (Конспект урока по английскому языку)

Оразбекова Айдана Нұрланқызы


Grade: 7


Aims: 1. Educational: to get information about the animals and nature; to widen

pupils’ vocabulary; to develop pupils’ ability in analyzing

materials at the lesson; to practice in oral speech on the

theme “The Earth Day” using the topical vocabulary.

  1. Developing: to develop pupils’ reading, writing, speaking, listening

skills; increase their knowledge and broaden their outlook

by doing various exercises.

  1. 3. Bringing up: to wake up the pupils’ sense to the nature, to the earth and

its pollution, to bring up for the safety, kindness and duty.

The visual aids: pictures, cards, pupils’ drawings, a tape-recorder

The type of the lesson: group work, revision, competition, discussion.

Methods: explanation, group work, question-answer

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

— Good afternoon, pupils! I’m very glad to see you. Today we have a unusual lesson. We have a competition lesson about the problems of the environment. At last lesson you have divided into two teams. At first please introduce yourselves.

P1- My name is Alikhan. The name of our team is “Forest”. Our slogan is:

Forest is a home for every bird and tree,

Forest is a home for every bug and bee

Forest is a home for every animal,

Forest is a home for even you and me

P2- My name is Zhanerke. The name of our team is “Tigers”. Our slogan is:

Animals in danger

May not survive.

We want to help them

Stay alive!

  1. First stage “Projects of the teams”. Checking home tasks.

At this stage we are going to discuss these global environmental problems as endangered animals and plants.

As you remember your homework was to make projects on the problems of our environment.

So we have two teams. Each teams has prepared their project.

T: What’s the theme of your project?

Cp: The theme of our project is “Protect forest”

P1: It is not just animals that are in danger. So are plants. The world had over nine million square km. of forests. This is a lot of trees, and also a lot of different species of trees. But they are disappearing fast. People cut the trees down because they need wood and paper or new places for farms and houses.

P2: By the way, some medicines come from trees and from plants and flowers, which grow in the forest. There are many illnesses, which we still cannot cure. There are old ones like cancer and new ones like AIDS.

P3: It may be that the medicines we need will be discovered in wild plants in savannas, deserts or rainforests. If we destroy these places, we never find the cure. Every one of us must know how important in is to care for our great forests and save them from harm.

T: What’s the theme of your project?

Cp: The theme of our project is “Tigers”

P1: Many animals and birds are disappearing nowadays. Many of them are in danger. Have you ever seen dodo? No, you haven’t. The last of these large birds that couldn’t fly died many years ago. Now it is extinct. We even say “as dead as a dodo”, which means “finished”.

P2: Indian tigers are among the endangered animals. Tigers are the biggest cats in the world. They are skillful hunters. Often they are dangerous. Some people are afraid of tigers and kill them to save their livestock and their lives. But some people have hunted tigers for fun and for their beautiful skin. They sell the skin and get a lot of money.

P3: We can ask the same question about African elephants. They are wonderful animals. They can help men. Today many elephants in Africa are dying because they do not have enough to eat or to drink and because they do not have enough space to live in. Hunters kill thousands of elephants every year. Some kill them for meat. But most kill elephants for their tasks.

T: You are quite right. A lot of animals, birds and plants are disappearing now. To my mind it’s a very serious problem. I give three points for each team.

III. Second stage “Should and need”.

At this stage we must put down modal verbs should and need or shouldn’t or needn’t to the blanks. For each correct sentence I’ll give one point.

Team “Forest”

  1. We …set forests on fire.
  2. We …plant trees.
  3. We … pick lots of flowers.
  4. We …cut down trees.

Team “Tigers”

  1. We … tell about endangered animals.
  2. We … hunt animals.
  3. We … protect endangered species.
  4. We … take care about animals.
  5. Third stage “Musical pause” Michael Jackson “The Earth”

 You are tired a bit, aren’t you? Why not relax a little? I hope you’ll enjoy singing to wonderful song of Jackson “The Earth” You are taking a point.

  1. Fourth stage “Litter bin”

Do you have garbage at home?

Do you usually divide it into 5 categories? The garbage will be recycled and it solves our garbage disposal problems.

1 Garbage for clothes

2 Garbage for glasses

3 Garbage for metal

4 Garbage for paper

5 Garbage for plastic

You must throw garbage into suitable litter bin.

  1. Fifth stage “Animals and birds”

For “Tigers ” team I give such task, you must close your eyes and take toy animal and determine what animal is it?

And the second team “Forest” must listen the sounds of birds and determine what bird is it?

    VII. Conclusion

And now at the conclusion of the lesson let’s count points of each team and determine the winner team.

T: So, what can we do to save animals and birds and forests, where they live?

P: People shouldn’t hunt animals. We must try to protect them.

T: Friends, do you know any international organizations, which save wildlife?

There are a lot of international organizations in different countries. They try to do everything to help our world. The most famous among them are “ Greenpeace”, World Wildlife Fund(WWF).

They solve ecological problems to protect our nature. In Kazakhstan we have a young youth organization called  “Zhasyl El”. The members of this organization planted a lot of trees to make air clean.

 VIII. The end of the lesson. Home task. Marks.

And your home task to write down a letter about the ecological situation in your country to any of these organization.


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